Roof Lawns and Deck Grass

Our synthetic turf is a favorite among Chicagoland homeowners looking to add some unconventional flair to their home while still enjoying the natural beauty of green grass.

A synthetic grass turf installation with patio furniture at a Chicago home

Rooftop lawns for kids, pets and entertaining are a trend that have been sweeping the country, and for good reason! They’re a beautiful addition to any home, and create additional outside living space which may not be available at ground level.  Whether it is a play area for the kids, potty and exercise area for pets, entertaining friends and family, or just relaxing with a good book,  Dream Grass is the perfect solution for turning your unused or underused rooftop into clean, safe, and low-maintenance living space.  With our interlocking panel underlayment system, we can provide the best draining synthetic grass installation on the market today, as well as keep your roof free from damage.

There a several benefits to having artificial turf installed at your home, including:

  • Beautiful, lush grass all year round
  • Lightweight synthetic turf makes for easy rooftop installation
  • Instantly create more usable living space for your family, kids, friends and pets
  • No watering means you save on monthly water bills
  • Enhanced insulation
  • Comfortable, soft and natural feel of real grass
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • And much more!
Artificial grass patio installation at Chicago corporate building

Similarly, artificial grass is an increasingly popular choice for decks and patios, as well. The natural look and feel of our synthetic turf is a favorite among homeowners who want an attractive, low-maintenance surface for their deck while still being able to enjoy that barefoot feeling on grass. Our synthetic turf is perfect for eco-friendly deck grass and performs well in Chicago’s weather. With a 20-year life expectancy and low maintenance needs, homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area love our deck grass for the natural look and feeling.

At Chicago Dream Grass, we offer professional installation of our high-quality synthetic turf, ensuring that Chicagoland homeowners get the most out of our artificial deck grass and roof lawns. Let us help you create your dream home with stylish designs and the beautiful look of natural grass without the hassle of lawn care, pesticides and weed control. If you’re interested in having artificial grass installed, call Chicago Dream Grass at (773) 717-6987 or contact us online today to get a FREE quote!

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Throughout Chicago, our artificial grass can help keep your home or business looking crisp, clean and professional all year round.

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