Dream Grass for Dogs and Pets

Our synthetic grass is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a mud free, safe, easy-to-clean, play or potty space for their beloved pets.

Here at Chicago Dream Grass, we’re dog lovers just like you, and that’s why we’re proud to offer high quality synthetic pet grass for your four-legged friends.  Dream Grass is the perfect solution for your yard if you have pets. Dogs generally don’t have the desire to dig in synthetic grass, as the natural occurring smells in natural grass are not present.  Even so, dogs cannot dig up Dream Grass and even aggressive dogs have not been able to penetrate our synthetic grasses. Clean up is easy, too.  Simply remove solid waste, and liquids flow right through, or you may hose it down during dry spells to help things along.  Best of all, no more muddy paws in your nice clean house! With a 15 to 20-year life expectancy, our synthetic grass is made to last, even under the rigors that pets put on your lawn every day. Dream Grass is perfect for pet owners who desire a safe, non-toxic, low-maintenance space for their pets to play and/or potty. Our grasses perform very well in our particular climate with minimal maintenance. We provide some of the softest, lushest grass in the industry, making it safe and comfortable for your pets.

Dog enjoys synthetic grass installation on summer day in Chicago
Artificial turf dog park run and training facility in Chicago

Enjoy all the benefits of our synthetic pet turf, such as:

  • No more mud!
  • No more brown spots from pet waste
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Best draining grasses on the market today
  • No more need for hazardous and expensive weed control chemicals
  • Conserve water, lowering your monthly bill
  • Made in the USA, eco-friendly, recyclable materials made to last
  • Soft and safe, yet durable enough to hold up under heavy traffic and severe weather

Over 95% of Dream Grass owners say that they chose Dream Grass synthetic grass for their homes for their children or pets. That’s because our synthetic grass is an investment that will not only save you time and money on water bills and lawn care, but will also provide a safe and healthy surface for the little ones to play on, whether they have two legs or four. Consider also the conveniences of no longer having to mow, water, fertilize, or weed your lawn and that you will never have to worry about muddy paws again! That’s right, by installing our fast-draining, Dream Grass pet grass at your home or business, you eliminate mud, which means no muddy little paws leaving muddy tracks on your nice clean floors or staining your carpets.

Pet parents love to pamper their furry companions, and we love to help them do just that.  Dream Grass  will not only give them a safe, comfortable place to play, but will make your life easier too. Your whole family will love it!  Call Chicago Dream Grass at (773) 717-6987 or contact us online today to get a FREE quote!

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Throughout Chicago, our artificial grass can help keep your home or business looking crisp, clean and professional all year round.

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